Reading Group

The reading group is an informal and open, post-graduate, weekly meeting based in the Centre for International Politics (CIP). Aside from focusing on collectively tackling the difficult but rewarding corpus of poststructuralist theory, it is an extremely rewarding social activity, allowing researchers to get together regularly to discuss problems and issues with like-minded people.

The reading group is open to anyone, regardless of academic discipline or theoretical persuasion. Agreement with poststructuralist thought is by no means a prerequisite for participation; only interest and enthusiasm. Newcomers to critical theory are just as welcome as seasoned professionals.

This semester (Spring 2012) the ambition of the reading group is to further investigate the connections between aesthetics and poststructuralism. Since much of critical and poststructuralist  theory is concerned with analyzing voices of power and resistance, we want to learn more about how alternative modes of speaking and writing can be incorporated into poststructuralist theory.

To do this we have read authors such as Walter Benjamin, Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes Mieke Bal, Susie Linfield, etc. We are always open to further suggestions!

We have read Deleuze, Foucault, Derrida, Levinas, Agamben, Barthes, and a wide range of contemporary authors, including Butler, Zizek, Edkins, Zehfuss, Laclau, Castoriadis, Bleiker, Mbembe, and Massey. Topics have ranged from gender, subjectivity and power to writing, space, and epistemology.

To subscribe to our mailing list or for enquiries generally, please email

– Susan Sontag and Son, 1965


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