Will Palmer

Will Palmer (PhD Researcher)



BSocSci Politics and International Relations – The University of Manchester

MA International Politics – The University of Manchester

Email: will.palmer@manchester.ac.uk

External websites/blogs:




Cluster Research Orientations

Studies of Conflict, War and Peace

Studies of Critical Methods and the Politics of Knowledge

Specific research interests

Title of Project: A Foucauldian genealogy of the depoliticisation of war through attempts to increase the support and visibility of the UK Armed Forces

I am a PhD researcher at the University of Manchester. My research is concerned with how the military in the United Kingdom has become more visible in recent years. Since 2006, we have seen the introduction of an annual Armed Forces Day, Oscar-style military award ceremonies and the significantly raised profile of military charities. My project asks to what extent does this shift in focus from highly contentious war to ‘apolitical’ and professional soldiers serve to depoliticise war and ultimately inhibit debate on war’s inevitability. My project adopts Michel Foucault’s genealogical method in order to interrogate the conditions that have made these changes possible.

Supervisors: Dr. Cristina Masters and Professor Maja Zehfuss

GTA – Introduction to International Politics – POLI10601

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