Veronique Pin-Fat

Veronique Pin-Fat (Senior Lecturer in International Politics)

Tel: 0161 275 4909



(i)               Books

  • Veronique Pin-Fat. Universality, Ethics and International Relations. Interventions. London: Routledge, 2009. eScholarID:5523
  • Veronique Pin-Fat, Jenny Edkins, Michael J. Shapiro. Sovereign Lives: Power in an Era of Globalisation. Routledge, 2004. eScholarID:4b2070
  • Jenny Edkins, Nalini Persram & Veronique Pin-Fat. Sovereignty and Subjectivity. Lynne Rienner, 1999. eScholarID:4b2071

 (ii)             Journal articles

Veronique Pin-Fat. “Cosmopolitanism and the end of humanity.”(2012) . eScholarID:165145

Pin-Fat, Veronique. “The Metaphysics of the National Interest and the ‘Mysticism’ of the Nation State: Reading Hans J Morgenthau.” Review of International Studies 31, no. 2(2005) : 217-236. eScholarID:1b8044 | DOI:10.1017/S026021050500642X

Pin-Fat, Veronique, Maria Stern. “The Scripting of Private Jessica Lynch: Biopolitics, gender and the ‘feminization’ of the US military.” Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 30(2005) : 25-53. eScholarID:1b8043

Pin-Fat, Veronique, Jenny Edkins. “Through the Wire: Relations of Power and Relations of Violence.” Millennium: Journal of International Studies 34, no. 1(2005) : 1-24. eScholarID:1b7837 | DOI:10.1177/03058298050340010101

Pin-Fat, V. “(Im)possible universalism: Reading human rights in world politics.” Review of International Studies 26, no. 4(2000) : 663-674

Keywords: Ethics, grammatical reading, universality, posthumanism, Wittgenstein


PhD Supervision:


Nanci Hogan (2005-Present). Awarded May 2013 The Implications of a Politics of Natality for the Praxis of Peacebuilding in the Middle East. Part-time. Co-supervised with Angie Wilson.


1. Katherine Allison (2005 -2009). Awarded November 2009. US military intervention in Afghanistan and women’s rights. University scholarship. Primary supervisor.

2. Kelly Staples (2003- 2008). Awarded May 2008. Justice, Community and Membership: Revisiting Statelessness in International Political Theory. ESRC Full-time. Sole supervisor.

3. Robin Redhead (2002-2007): Awarded February 2007. Reading the Visual: Gender, Human Rights and International Relations. Sole supervisor.

4. Simona Rentea (2002- 2007). Awarded January 2007. The Limits of the Weberian State in International Relations Theory. Departmental Scholarship. Co-supervised with Peter Lawler..

5. A.P.A Hutchinson (2000-2005): Awarded December 2005. Philosophy and the Emotion of Shame. ESRC funded. Co-supervised with Harry Lesser (Philosophy).

6. Omayma Al-Khaffaf (2005- Present). Resistance and the war in Iraq. Politics Studentship. Co-supervised with Angelia Wilson.

7. Andrew Slack (2008 – Present) Docile Bodies? Power, Violence and Resistance in Contemporary Slavery. Co-supervised with Maja Zehfuss. School of Social Sciences Scholarship.

8. Kathryn Starnes (2008-Present). Fairtytales and International Relations. Co-supervised with Cristina Masters.

9. Julia Welland (2009-Present). Masculinity, Militarism & the British Military. ESRC Quota Award. Co-supervised with Cristina Masters.

10.Roisin Read (2009-Present). Grammatically reading the three “R”s: relief, reconciliation and reconstruction. ESRC Quota Award. Co-supervised with Tim Jacoby IDPM.

11. Rebecca Ehata (2009-Present). Practices of Borderlining: Constituting the edges of membership in European states. Funded. Co-supervised with Peter Lawler.

12. Rachel Massey (2011-Present). Violent Resolutions: Reproduction, Gender and Power in Peacekeeping Practices. ESRC Quota Award. Co-supervised with Cristina Masters.

13. Thomas Tyerman (2012 – Present). Human Rights, Asylum and Non-Violent Resistance. ESRC Quota Award. Co-supervised with Cristina Masters


Ethics in World Politics

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