Tom Gregory

Tom Gregory

Tom is a Lecturer in Political Studies at the University of Auckland, joining the Department in 2013 after a stint at Oxford Brookes. His research focuses on civilian casualties, contemporary conflict and the ethics of war and is his currently working on two projects related to these fields. The first focuses on recent developments in military technology, such as remotely-piloted drones and autonomous robots, and he is currently completing a paper entitled “Drones, Targeted Killings and the Limitations of International Law”. The second focuses on the issue of civilian casualties more broadly and looks at how the killing of noncombatants has been understood from the Third Anglo-Afghan War of 1919 to present day counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is currently finalising a paper on the Maywand District Murders in 2010, which draws on the work of Judith Butler, Adriana Cavarero and Hannah Arendt. In addition, Tom is co-editing a book with Linda Ahall (Keele) entitled “War, Emotions and Affect”. He completed his PhD at the University of Manchester in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Maja Zehfuss and Dr. Cristina Masters.

Key Publications:

Thomas Gregory (2012) “Potential Lives, Impossible Deaths: Afghanistan, Civilian Casualties and the Politics of Intelligibility”, International Feminist Journal of Politics 14(3): 327-347.

Thomas Gregory and Linda Ahall, eds. (2013) “Security, Emotions, Affect”, Critical Studies on Security 1(1): 116-141.


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