Ronan O’Callaghan

My work is guided by phenomenological accounts of ethics and broader poststructural philosophy. My current research draws upon the link between metaphysics and violence, or more accurately a conception of violence as metaphysics. This research serves as a critique of the ways in which metaphysical accounts of morality attempt to legitimise violence as justifiable or ethically necessary. I am interested in how language serves to render violence ethically palatable in the modern world. My main dissatisfaction with the current international relations literature in this area is that the central debates focus on the legal legitimacy and moral justification of violence rather than its consequences. As such, my research aims to the draw attention to ways in which ethics are implicated within acts of violence rather than merely a precursor to the use of force. Ultimately I want to discuss the ways in which violence produces new modes of living and sociopolitical understandings in countries and communities affected by war.

Supervisors: Prof. Maja Zehfuss and Dr. Peter Lawler

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