Rachel Massey

Title of project: Becoming Raped: Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been subject to broad research. However my concern is that this ‘occludes’ rather than ‘opens’ complex dimensions of rape in war. In particular that feminist narratives rape as a weapon of war cause us to lose sight of bodies. Underlying this is an additional concern that our narratives preclude bodies from being active, and at times resistant, factors in sexual violence. What I propose is a move to an embodied account of sexual violence. My thesis then attempts to use the theories of Gilles Deleuze, read through Rosa Braidotti and Elizabeth Grosz, to ask howbodies become raped. It hopes to provide conceptual space and analytical scope for recognizing and reconfiguring embodiments of sexual violence in war.

Supervisors: Dr. Cristina Masters and Dr. Veronique Pin-Fat

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