Laura McLeod

Laura McLeod (Research Associate on Understanding Institutional Change Project)

Laura McLeod

Biography: Dr. Laura McLeod joined the Politics DA in January 2011. Since August 2012 she has worked as a Research Associate on an ERC-funded project, ‘Understanding Institutional Change: A Gender Perspective. Between January 2011 and July 2012 she worked as Lecturer in International Politics.  She completed her PhD thesis ‘Gender Politics and Security Discourse: Feminist and Women’s Organising in “Post-conflict” Serbia’ at the University of Sheffield in March 2011.


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I am currently working on two research projects.

Gender and the Emotion of Post-Conflict Institutional Change (part of the Understanding Institutional Change: A Gender Perspective project). I am looking at the role of feminist hope in the making of post-conflict constitutional settlements in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. As part of this project, I am exploring narratives of change and how they are gendered.

Discourses of Gender Security in Post-Conflict Serbia. I am investigating how

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (which urges for the inclusion of a gender perspective in all post-conflict contexts) has been interpreted and implemented by different political actors in Serbia. This highlights the different gender security discourses that exist and the policy implications that emanate from these discourses.

I am currently the co-convener of the SOSS Gender Research network at the University of Manchester and the convenor of the British International Studies Association Gendering IR Working group.


(2013) ‘Back to the Future: Temporality and Gender Security Narratives in Serbia’ Security Dialogue, Vol. 44, 2: 165-81.

(2012) ‘Why should we understand meanings of ‘Gender Security’?’ Journal of Regional Security, Vol. 7, No. 1: 1-15.

(2011) ‘Configurations of Post-conflict: Impacts of representations of conflict and post-conflict upon the (political) translations of gender security within UNSCR 1325’ International Feminist Journal of Politics, Vol. 13, No. 4: 605-22.

(2013) ‘Artistic Activism, Public Debate and Temporal Complexities: Fighting for Transitional Justice in Serbia’ co-authored with two artists, Jovana Dimitrijevic and Biliana Rakočević in The Art of Transitional Justice eds. O. Simic and P. Rush. Springer.

(2011) ‘Experiences, Reflections, and Learning: Feminist Organisations, Security Discourse and UNSCR 1325’ in Making Gender, Making War: Violence, Military and Peacekeeping Practices eds. A. Kronsell and E. Svedberg. Routledge, London: 135 – 49.

Keywords: Gender, change, post-conflict, security, feminism


I have experience of teaching and supervising dissertations in Security Studies, Global Ethics and the Ethics of War and Peace.

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