Kathryn Starnes

Kathryn Starnes (Postgraduate Researcher)

Biography: MscEcon, International Relations. University of Wales Aberystwyth, 2007.

BA (Hons), International Relations, University of Southern California

Contact Information: Kathryn.Starnes@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

External websites/blogs: Follow me on twitter @IR_MotherGoose


Research Interests:

Cluster Research Orientations

Studies of Critical Methods and the Politics of Knowledge

Specific research interests

I am interested in the use of folklore and folklorist methodology to explore politics.  My current project is to engage with the (counter) canon of undergraduate, introductory IR textbooks through a folklorist approach that includes framing, Donkeyskin stories and Bluebeard stories.  Additionally, I am working on various engagements with popular culture methodology that seek to challenge the disciplinary boundaries of International Relations.  Specifically, I am using Cinderella stories as a way to read founding fathers discourses in the discipline, and alternate approaches to pedagogy to challenge canon through teaching the discipline.

My primary theoretical engagement for this work is with folklorist work. Specifically the work of Marina Warner, Elizabeth Harries, Jack Zipes, Margaret Atwood and Angela Carter.  The different engagements with the concept of canons and repetitive stories in folklore studies have informed my understanding of canon in International Relations.  While the literature I draw on is somewhat removed from traditional, or even critical IR theories, I have found it incredibly useful for engagements with IR literature, specifically as it pertains to negotiating and challenging the boundaries of the discipline. My research agenda is aimed at continuing to engage with the concept of canon through the use of illustrations in books, and beyond undergraduate textbooks through disciplinary practices aimed at legitimizing the area of study.  I intend to continue using folklorist and other popular culture literatures to pursue these topics.


2013-2014 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Social Science Study Skills

2012-2013 Introduction to International Politics

2011-2012 Introduction to International Politics

2010-2011 Introduction to International Politics

Questions about International Politics

2009-2010 Introduction to International Politics

Questions about International Politics

2008-2009 Introduction to International Politics

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