Julia Welland

Julia Welland (External member – University of Warwick)

Biography: PhD submitted to the Politics Department, University of Manchester, 2013

Email: j.welland@warwick.ac.uk


Cluster Research Orientations: Critical Security, Terrorism and Political Violence Studies; Studies of Conflict, War and Peace

Specific research interests: feminist theory; militarism; masculinity; feminist security studies; poststructuralism; war; violence; the ‘everyday’

Publications :


Welland, J. “Gender, War and Technologies” in Handbook on Gender and War, Jennifer Mathers (ed.). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming.

Welland, J. “Compassionate Soldiering and the Violent Logics of War” in Emotions, Politics and War, Linda Ahall and Thomas Gregory (eds.). London: Routledge. Forthcoming.

Journal articles:

Welland, J. “Militarised Violences, Basic Training and the Myths of Asexuality and Discipline”, Review of International Studies, forthcoming. (Available on RIS First View, DOI: 10.1017/S0260210512000605).

Welland, J. “Liberal Warriors and the Violent Colonial Logics of ‘Partnering and Advising’”. International Feminist Journal of Politics (Forthcoming).


Feminism; militarism; masculinity; violence


Module director of International Security (University of Warwick)

GTA of Introduction to International Politics (POLI10601): 2010-2013)

GTA of Questions About International Politics (POLI20522): 2011-2013

Guest Lecturer on Gender and International Relations (POLI30792): 2013

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