Flo Lieto

Title of project:  The Cyber-Transformation of National Security Practices (France and the UK)

Flo Lieto

My research draws on the notions of field of (in)security professionals and management of unease to analyse the forces and processes at work in the production of a national cyber-security/defence perspective and its reformulating of the prerogatives and hierarchies of national security agencies in France and the UK. Central to this research is delimitating whether ‘cyber-(in)security’ and its management emanate from the field of professionals in place or reflect the genesis and structuring of a new, specific field of expertise; thus questioning whether they still stand for the contemporary governmentality ‘of unease’ or tend to perturb or reshape it.

Keywords: Critical Security Studies, Politics of (in)security, Sociology of expertise, Comparative politics, Cyber-war/security/criminality

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