Emmy Eklundh

Title of project: Indignation as dissent? The emotional components of protest and legitimacy

My research analyses how the protests movements in Spain and Greece in 2011 (the indignants) were driven by emotions rather than unified claims, and how this affects our perception of legitimacy. Historically, protests movements have been associated with specific claims, parties, or unions, something which is not true for the Indignants. The movement consists of a variety of claims, and I want to investigate if their only common denominator is a feeling of indignation. If this is true, this has vast implications for how we perceive political legitimacy, something which this project analyses further using the theories of Ernesto Laclau and Cornelius Castoriadis.

Supervisors: Dr. Peter Lawler and Dr. Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet

Personal website: eklundh.eu

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