Angie Wilson

Dr. Angelia Wilson (Senior Lecturer)

Angelia Wilson (D.Phil, University of York; B.A. Hons. McMurry University) joined the University of Manchester in 1994. Currently, she serves on the Council of the American Political Science Association, having served previously on the APSA Committee on the Status of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered in the Profession (2006-2009), as chair of the APSA LGBT Caucus and a founding member of APSA Sexuality & Politics Section. She is co-editor of the journal Politics & Religion (Cambridge University Press).

Wilson’s research explores the intersections of social conservatism, Christianity, feminist political theory, queer theory and policies regulating sexuality. Her new book, Why Europe is ‘gay friendly’ (and why America never will be) (SUNY, 2012), offers a comparison of European and American differences in politics, welfare policies and social values which lead to divergent policies regulating the lives of lesbian and gay citizens. In addition, she has a new edited a collection, Situating Intersectionality (under review), which brings together international scholars employing an intersectional analysis of politics and policy outcomes. Her other books include: Below the Belt (Continuum, 2000); A Simple Matter of Justice? (ed.,Continuum, 1994); Activating Theory (co-ed, Lawrence & Wishart, 1993). Her work has appeared in New Political Science, Politics & Religion, Politics & Gender, Contemporary Politics, Culture Health & Sexuality, Critical Social Policy and Sexualities.

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