Locating Politics across the Disciplinary Spectrum

This was the second workshop in the project: Many Voices, Many Politics: Locating Politics across the Disciplinary Spectrum.  The event focused on the political upheaval of recent years linked to the second theme of anxiety. Recently the socio-political sphere was forced into an encounter with the language of crisis. Politics became pre-occupied with emergency discourse and the necessity of rigid austerity measures. This encounter seems to have imprisoned political discourse and robbed it of its imagination to think and act politics otherwise (in ways other than the existing bureaucratic processes or managerial policies). This second workshop then devoted its attention to anxiety, and in more detail engaged with the impact of socio-political change on personal experience; on how individuals ‘cope’ with the changing environment (psychology) and how they react as politically engaged creatures (protests, violence, memory). The key questions asked in this workshop were: “how do socio-political changes caused by insecurities, emergencies and economic crisis impact individual and societal conduct?’; ‘what new political phenomena emerge as a result of the changed (anxious-oriented) socio-political environment?’; ‘what happens to politics if we begin to see anxiety as its governing (governmental) strategy?’; ‘how does anxiety (re)shape and change political and legal space?’; what are dominant societal, legal and political responses to anxiety?’; and ‘should one aim to overcome, embrace or resist anxiety?’.   Two panels were followed by a general roundtable discussion in which participants and audience members’ had an opportunity to discuss, debate and engage further with the key themes/issues/ideas raised during the day. You can now listened to the two panels and the roundtable below:


Elena Loizidou, ‘A Break’ (Senior Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck College, University of London)

Illan rua Wall, Worrying Crowds (Associate Prof, School of Law, University of Warwick)

Andreja Zevnik, ‘Happy Life – Anxious Life’: Refuse, Demand, Occupy! (Lecturer in International Politics, University of Manchester)

Listen to this panel here (download MP3 here)


Angus McDonald, Mark, Sign, Trace (Associate Professor in Constitution, Culture & Critique, Staffordshire University)

Andrea Mura, The Discourse of the Capitalist and its Twists: From Debt Economy to the Economy of Anxiety (Research Associate, Open University)

Peter Ramsay, The Insecurity State (Associate Professor in Law, London School of Economics)

Audio will be published shortly


Listen to an extract from the Roundtable here (download MP3 here)



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