Aberystwyth Lancaster Postgraduate Colloquium


June 2013

The Poststructural and Critical Thought Cluster

University of Manchester


manchesterlogo Bisa


Maja Zehfuss and Michael Dillon

(University of Manchester)   (University of Lancaster)


Political Horizons – International Relations

Illan Wall •Vivienne Jabri • Brad Evans

(University of Warwick) (Kings College London) (University of Bristol)

Political Horizons- Career Development

Helen Dexter • Veronique Pin-Fat • Astrid Nordin

(Leicester University) (University of Manchester) (Lancaster University)

In 2013 The Poststructural and Critical Thought Cluster, in partnership with Politics at Manchester CIP, the BISA Poststructural-Politics Working Group PPWG and BISA Contemporary Research in International Political Theory Working group CRIPT, will be hosting the 11th annual Aberystwyth-Lancaster Postgraduate Colloquium at the University of Manchester. Professors Jenny Edkins and Michael Dillon established the Colloquium as an open forum in which students could explore and discuss critical and poststructural approaches to global politics. The colloquium provides a fantastic environment for students to present their ideas and receive feedback from other students and scholars in the field, as well as to engage in some lively debates about the future of critical and poststructural scholarship. For more information email us at politicalhorizons@manchester.ac.uk. For the full program see below or click Aberystwyth Lancaster Program 2013

aberlanc1 Aberlanc2

Aberlanc3  Aberlanc4

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