Chris Rossdale: Militarism, Anti-Militarism and the Politics of Resistance: An Ethnography

The next Global Political Economy cluster research seminar will be a joint event with the Critical Global Politics cluster. It will be given by Dr Chris Rossdale (RHUL) on ‘Militarism, Anti-Militarism and the Politics of Resistance: An Ethnography’
It is at 15:30 in the Arthur Lewis Boardroom on Wednesday 18 March. All are welcome to attend. 
Abstract: This presentation discusses work from a forthcoming book, which provides an in-depth study of anti-militarist resistance in the UK. Based on extensive participant observation as well as interviews and archival research, the project examines the tactics, strategies and philosophies of groups including Smash EDO, Campaign Against Arms Trade and Trident Ploughshares. It does this in order to engage two distinct but interrelated problematiques. The first concerns the contested nature of militarism itself; the project charts the various ways in which activists conceptualise militarism, from institutional configuration through everyday practice to a mode of social relation, and takes their resistance as a lens through which to understand the different ways in which militarism structures life. The second major theme reflects on the nature, conduct and (im)possibility of resistance; drawing on a wide theoretical tradition including anarchism, feminism, queer theory and poststructuralism, the project explores the ways in which anti-militarist activists work to resist militarism and to prefigure alternatives. 
Chris Rossdale is a Teaching Fellow in International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has published in Globalizations and Millennium: Journal of International Studies, and in 2014 was awarded the BISA Michael Nicholson Prize for best thesis in international studies.


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