Workshop: Occupying Politics in a Time of Alterity

Occupying Politics in a Time of Alterity is the third and final workshop of the Many Voices, Many Politics series. The workshop interrogates the concept of alterity and devotes its attention to engaging with the impact of socio-political change on communities and on ideas of cultural difference as alterity; on how communities and individuals react as politically engaged creatures by protesting, rethinking, enacting and remembering otherness not just as an aberration or a triumphant moment of multiculturalism, but as part of everyday life and of identity more generally; and on the way in which alterity informs research approaches linked to ideas of becoming(s), multiplicity, acts, flows, intimacies, borders, irregularities, energies,  the everyday, and aesthetics. We have contributions from across a range of disciplinary areas including international politics, law, linguistics, art, sociology, environmental studies, English literature and psychology.

The workshop is taking place on 11th/12th November 2014. For specific location details, abstracts and keynote speakers download a copy of the workshop programme.

Please email or to register for this workshop and/or to attend the keynote talks.

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