Roundtable: ‘Occupying Politics in a Time of Austerity’ 6 November 2-4pm

On 6th of November 2-4pm in University Place, 2.218 there will be a roundtable on the topic of ‘Occupying Politics in a Time of Austerity’This roundtable marks the beginning of a project entitled Many Voices, Many Politics: Locating Politics across the Disciplinary Spectrum exploring the topic of socio-political change. 

The opening roundtable will focus on the political upheaval of recent years linked to the first theme of austerity.  Recently the socio-political sphere was forced into an(other) encounter with the language of crisis. Politics became pre-occupied with emergency discourse and the necessity of rigid austerity measures. This encounter seems to have imprisoned political discourse and robbed it of its imagination to think and act politics otherwise (in ways other than the existing bureaucratic processes or managerial policies). This first interdisciplinary roundtable discussion aims to engage with the impact the crisis has had on the subjects of humanities and the field of socio-political order(ing) broadly defined; it will focus on the politics of austerity and it will discuss, on the one hand, the impact of austerity on academic as well as on social life, and on the other hand, it will consider (and search for) alternative political, social and economic responses to austerity politics. Further details can be found in the attached poster.


We have an exciting panel who will speak each for 5 to 10 minutes drawing on their expertise in areas including ethics of consumption, ecofeminism; popular economic discourse and the great depression; contemporary Greek politics; ethnography; the narratives of the protest, and policing. The discussion will be open to public and everyone wishing to participate will be warmly welcomed. We hope to see many of you there!

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