Politics in Times of Anxiety Roundtable: Final Details

We now have the participants of next weeks Politics in Times of Anxiety Round Table event confirmed.

Arguably new security threats and economic crisis triggered a shift in how politics and crisis are understood. Anxiety over public and personal security and the uncertainty over the future have become central to politics. The various expressions of uncertainty and dissatisfaction that we are witnessing today (the Occupy Movement, uprisings in Spain, Greece, Egypt, Brazil, to name a few) are more than mere signs of insecurity. They profoundly question how we conceive of politics and what is at stake when anxiety becomes the driving force of politics. The speakers at the roundtable will address questions central to the times of political anxiety.

The event will officially launch the Politics in Times of Anxiety project on October 2nd. After a short poster presentation at 1pm. There will be a roundtable featuring:

Ian Parker (Institute of Education, UoM)

Michael Hoelzl (Religions and Theology, UoM)

Stuart Shields (Politics, UoM)

Aoileann Ni Mhurchu (Politics, UoM)

Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet (Politics, UoM)

Andreja Zevnik (Politics, UoM)

For all the details please download our Roundtable poster here.

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